TSLNigeria | Chairman’s Speech
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According to Peter Drucker, there are two questions in business;


–    What Business are you in?

–     How is Business?


The importance of marketing in business cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, the growth of any business is dependent on the effectiveness of it’s marketing, which explains why companies spend so much yearly on marketing.


However, Marketing as we know it is undergoing the most disruption since the advent of our lives, from education to health to media consumption even to religion and the market place, which has led to media convergence.


Indeed Nigeria has entered the digital age with the massive investment by the Nigerian government in broadband infrastructure, and media industries are grappling with new opportunities.


Digital Marketing offers a whole lot of business opportunities in Nigeria. The high level of internet penetration being experienced currently in Nigeria has resulted in more people using the web to buy and sell as well as interact with customers to get feedback.


Nigeria already has the highest number of internet users in Africa with well above 70.3 million internet users.


The demographic profile of the people represented in the figure should particularly be of interest to any Nigerian business. The 48million Nigerians online predominantly fall within the ages of the 18 and 45, the most productive and consuming segment of any population. If you consider the fact that these are mainly educated folks (since you must at least be able to read and write to be able to use the internet). You will see the quality of this online population.


Online shopping in Nigeria has witnessed a revolution. Multiple online payment gateways, mobile payment operators, and improved governance and fraud protection is increasing the confidence of the consumer. Moreover, with reduced capital investment to open an online store, many business are creating more profits online than from their conventional shops.


From the statistics, Nigeria’s number of internet users is growing more rapidly than the population, which means that the proportion of people online is constantly increasing. This is a very clear indication that Nigerians are adapting to the internet as the fish adapts to the water. With more people online, the potential market for e-commerce is projected to grow exponentially.


Digital marketing is the gold mine of business building opportunities for Nigerians. But just as it is in literal, gold mining where success is dependent on the choice of the field to mine, mining equipment and the expertise of the miners, so it is the mining of business building opportunities on the internet.


To success leverage in the internet, you need a level of digital marketing expertise to enable you make the right selection of channels, tools and personnel.


It is expedient for you to engage a professional digital marketing agency, this is where TSLNigeria comes to mind even if you have a very low budget, we can help you. Our digital marketing service specially targets internet users and your online customers’ base so you can maximize return on investment (ROI), increase revenue and grow your business.


We strive to ensure that your customers are loyal to your brand by creating high quality, engaging content that will keep them coming back for more. We ensure that your brand message and content is visible to the right people at the right time.


Our proportion strategy meticulously studies nature studies nature of your brand and niche and integrates advanced digital marketing strategies to ensure that your content ranks high in search engines for organic traffic.


Also, to assist optimize your digital advantage over your competitors we deploy other paid digital marketing channels to boost your brand visibility across the internet.

Kevwe Modupe  ANIPR
Chairman, TSLNigeria