TSLNigeria | Company Profile
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TSLNigeria is an integrated branding company offering brand design and management, graphic design, web development, online advertising, advertising, PR and marketing solutions. TSLNigeria offers exceptional work and services to a range of companies, from small to large and across industries.


Our Vision
To Create a HUB for Local Digital Content for Africa


Our Mission
Provide African StartUps with Digital Content for Global Presence


With years of operational experience, the TSLNigeria is one of the largest ICT services providers in Africa when measured in terms of turnover, assets under management and staff complement. We run mission-critical ICT systems and manage products, services and solutions for StartUps, Churches, Organisations, Parastatals and Small to Medium-sized Enterprise customers in Africa.

With a thorough understanding of the most strategic sphere that make up a business we combine insight, experience, global vendor partnerships, and extensive technological resources with the commitment to deliver.


What sets us apart
We have proven capabilities and a track record of years as a leading full service IT Outsourcer with a large clients base, multi-term contracts, across multiple industry verticals characterised by long-term relationships spanning in excess of years.

We have a depth of industry specific expertise as a leader in mission critical IT services for tier 1 and 2 retailers as well as having key solutions and proven capabilities in both Public and Private Sectors.

We are the undisputed market leader on the African continent for the provision of Digital Content.

We are a leader in Custom Application Development services with a major part South South Nigeria Geopolitical Zone market share.

We have an extensive End User Computing reach and provide services to maintain, support and upgrade 50% of all End Users in Nigeria.

We are the leading providers of IT Services Management in Nigeria

We have a large pool of ICT talent in Nigeria with ICT workforce of over 10 skilled employees with multi-disciplined skills sets and a vast experience in delivering large projects throughout Nigeria.


Connective Intelligence™
Our unique business model is based on configuring, integrating and maintaining innovative Business Solutions designed to meet our clients’ strategic and operational needs. We call this Connective Intelligence™. The world is moving a rapid pace where everything is connected and intelligent and we are now in the age of the Internet of Things where the boundaries between traditional information and communications technology markets and other industries are rapidly disappearing and we know the future of business would depend not only on the product or services being offered but the dynamics involved in the delivery. The Internet is driving the need for organisations to transform into digital businesses and TSLNigeria is well positioned to play an integral role as the enabler of the Internet of Things for our customers across multiple markets and diverse technology domains.


Our HUB our power
We operate a hub in which we provide startups in Africa with digital content for global presence. It is through the power of our people, led by a dedicated, knowledgeable and highly experienced executive team that we continue to create innovative and cutting-edge business solutions that enables us to address customer needs in a holistic way, providing guidance on their digital transformation journey through digitalization, automation and beyond to meet the information management needs of today and the future.


Transformation and Sustainability
TSLNigeria is Nigeria’s leading indeginous ICT services provider, with lots of years of operational experience.